How Did We Get Here?!

Have you ever wondered how a small business has gotten started?

I know it's something I have thought about...where did an owner get the idea for their place/ did they come up with the do they DO. IT. ALL?!

When I look back at the last year of our lives, I often wonder how we got HERE!  If you would have asked me even 6 months ago if I could have pictured our current life, I would have told you NO WAY!  But God certainly had a plan for us.

A little of our backstory here...I have my doctorate in Psychology and worked with children with behavioral and special needs for nearly 15 years.  I loved my work and the kiddos I worked with, that was for certain.  However, I could tell that my life was taking a was time for me to explore others ways to help folks.

Enter LuLaRoe.  I began selling LuLaRoe in 2016, as a side hustle, knowing that Doug's long-time job in tool and die sales may be in jeopardy since the industry was struggling.  That side hustle got pretty big for us, pretty fast!  We held lots of parties with ladies who had FINALLY found a line of clothing that they felt beautiful in!  We shopped.  We styled.  We talked.  We served.  That business grew into more than just a business of clothing sales...we developed relationships.  Our local community grew and grew.  Friendships were made and our purpose was becoming clearer as time went on...Doug and I were here to serve the women of our community, both local and online, and help them to feel their very best.

It became apparent to us in the fall of 2018, that our LuLaRoe business was not always meeting the needs of our customers.  They wanted products we did not offer.  They wanted more options.  So, we began to do our research.  We wanted to create a shopping space unlike any other in our area, and continue our focus on RELATIONSHIPS!  We researched clothing brands.  We spent weeks bringing together pieces that would reach a variety of sizes and personal styles.  Doug focused on the space and built all of the racks and display tables for our shop, while I spent time on the inventory management and this website!

On January 18, 2019, we opened the doors of Best Life Boutique.  We welcomed customers who had shopped with us before, and brand new folks who were excited to see what we had to offer.  Our 'Field of Dreams' moment ('If you build it, they will come...) was fulfilled!  Ladies have shopped, visited, and shared the BEST LIFE experience.  It has been a complete blessing, and truly it's because of YOU!

One more thing...our name.  So many have asked how we came up with the name 'Best Life Boutique' and wondered if it was a brand or if it was a chain of stores.  I'm not at all ashamed to say that the only credit I can give to the name is to the Lord.  We had been praying about a name for our shop, something that would represent all that we had in mind for this business.  Because really, let's be honest...for us, this is SO much more than clothes!  

One day, while putting on my makeup, it came to me.  It was crystal clear...the name, and how the inside of the store should look.  I ran to our office and journaled it ALL.  I wrote down everything, all of the details, that were once cloudy in my mind, but then because so clear.  And just like that, Best Life Boutique was born.

It's not always easy, this business thing.  There are uncertainties day to day, and questions that we do not always get answered.  But one thing we know, without a doubt...we are right where we are supposed to be in this life.  That feels pretty darn good!